How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast

If you’re recently come out of a relationship, then you know the heartache of losing a man you truly cared for. Often times, it can be difficult to know where to turn, or what could possibly help to get the two of you back together.

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Get your ex boyfriend back fast

First, you should always keep in mind that some relationships are better once they’re over, so you need to seriously consider this before you try to get him back at your side. If you weren’t meant to be, don’t put yourself through more pain.

But if you truly think that the two of you should be together, you can follow these three tips for how to get your ex boyfriend back fast.

1. Be Independent, Not Needy

While it may be your first instinct to call your ex boyfriend constantly, or beg for his attention, you should try very hard not to do this. Being needy is an immediate turn off for almost all men, and you should show him that you are doing just fine on your own.

Not only will being independent catch his attention, but it will also make him feel a little self conscious if you are doing better without him. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings, it will all be worth it in the end; and after a relationship has ended, it is the best time to be focused on your own individual power.

2. Don’t Try to be Friend

One of the other very bad mistakes to make after a difficult break up is to try and remain friends with your ex boyfriend. The relationship is over, and if you try to move back into the friend zone, your love life with this guy in particular is going to be done forever.

Once you move into being friends, there is no getting him back. Even worse, remaining friends will almost never work out, and you will lose him forever. You have a better chance of getting him back, or at least maintaining contact with him, if you only talk to him from time to time, or in passing.

Believe it or not, it will make him miss you far more than if you were in his face about being the best thing that ever happened to him.

3. Move On, and Be Happy About It

So, this tip seems like it would have the opposite effect, and would not be one of the tips for how to get your ex boyfriend back fast, but this is actually not true. If you move on, and you are happy being without him, you will be on your ex boyfriend’s mind for hours. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you, and he will realize that having you as his girlfriend was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Following these three tips for how to get your ex boyfriend back fast really work, and they have an amazing effect. Be patient, and don’t worry about the end result. As long as you are focused on being happy as yourself, you will get his attention in no time, and he will never leave your side again.

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Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After

For someone born in the 1930’s, Jane Fonda has remained pretty active, extremely fit and beautiful. While she has always been a beautiful lady, her looks at over 70 years of age point to a slew of Jane Fonda plastic surgery procedures.

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery

Jane Fonda’s first success was her role in There Was a Little Girl in 1960. Her fame rose steadily in the 60’s, appearing in films such as Cat Ballou, Barefoot in the Park and Period of Adjustment. Throughout her prolific acting career, she has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, winning two of them. Her life as a political activist has not been controversy-free either.

Her visit to Vietnam led her to being loathed for taking a photo that seemed to imply that she was waiting to shoot down American warplanes. She has also demonstrated against occupation of the West Bank by Israel during a visit to the Middle East. Read more »

Classifying the Best Celebrity Tattoos by Becca

Sarah Hyland tattoos

Tattoos. It seems like every celebrity has one. Or, in the case of younger celebrities, if they do not have one now, they are soon to get one. With so many celebrities sporting ink, how is it possible to say which one is the best?

Of course, classifying the best celebrity tattoos depends on a variety of factors, some of which are informed by personal preference. For this classification, the best tattoos are the ones that have a beautiful aesthetic, are visible, and have some kind of significant meaning. The top three best celebrity tattoos, then, are by Sarah Hyland, Demi Lovato, and Prince Jackson. A Giant List of 300 Tattoos is here:

While it may seem odd that all three of these celebrities are relatively young, it is not that surprising. The younger generation seems to have declared an intent towards expressing themselves in a variety of ways, from hair color to tattoos. These tattoos all share the fact that they are on young celebrities, but they also share a professional aesthetic.

One of the Best Celebrity Tattoos

Sarah Hyland’s tattoo is that of a hummingbird. The hummingbird itself is no larger than a half-dollar and is located behind Hyland’s ear.

Sarah Hyland tattoos

The tattooed hummingbird has been caught mid-flight and almost appears as though it is whispering something into her ear. Read more »

The Staggering Plastic Surgery Statistics

botched plastic surgery

Plastic surgery helps people feel more comfortable in their skins and even change the way their bodies work. The plastic surgery industry involves huge amounts of money since they are quite expensive.

However, this has not dampened the spirits of those who choose to go for them. As can be seen from the data of last year, 2016, many people indeed are choosing to go for these surgeries.
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The Top Ways To Choose The Finest Beard Shaver

Need to maintain your beard in the shortest time possible? Take advantage of a beard trimmer since they can enable you to shave extremely quickly. It works better than every other method on the market when it comes to control and speed. It’s actually simple to style your beard and acquire the look you need using a beard trimmer.

Beard Trimmers

Generally speaking, you want the bottom of your beard to extend past your jaw bone by an inch or two. If you take two fingers and lay them against the bottom of your jaw bone, that is where your beard should end. Also the back of the beard should extend straight down from the back of your sideburns.

The rule of thumb is to leave the cheek line to grow naturally without shaping. Many beards have been ruined because men feel the compulsion to trim the cheek line. Don’t do it!

How To Trim a Beard: Mountain Man to Businessman Beard [Video]

Don’t despair if you make a mistake trimming your beard! Simply let the area grow out without shaving and it will soon fill in again. If the error is pretty visible another option is to trim down the length of the hairs for your entire beard and begin growing again. Read more »

Live Examples Of Successful Breast Surgery

Women, who are pretty and sexually appealing, can be pretty owing to various physical attributes. Towards this objective, there is no denying the fact that breasts have an important role to play. However, it is a fact that not all women are endowed with full and curvaceous breasts. Hence, there could be the need for going in for breast surgery, in many cases. While this thought is strong in one section of the women, there are others who feel that it hardly makes any difference to one’s look by going through such surgery. However, given the numerous success stories, we are hard pressed not to believe that breast implants and breast enhancements are very popular as far as new approaches to plastic surgery is concerned.

There are dozens of celebrities who have undergone such breast surgeries and when it comes to successful surgeries, the name of Kerry Washington, comes to our mind.

Kerry Washington after surgery

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How to Style Medium Short Hair

In the recent past, medium length and short hair have become very popular thanks to celebrities and stylists like Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Hudson and Anne Heatherway among others. This coupled with the benefits that are attached to short hair have brought about a hair revolution. Medium short hair is suitable for cute and easy little girls hairstyles as well as hairstyles for mature women.

Before opting to chop off your log tresses for the medium short hair, it is important to consider several factors:

Whether the style you have in mind will suit you: of course if you are thinking about it you have gone through several magazines or websites and admired the medium short hair length. However, before you cut the hair, ask the opinion of your hair dresser regarding the style. Read more »

How Much Is Elton John Worth?

Elton John, no doubt, is one of the most successful artistes of all time. The British musician is highly popular in many continents and not just in his native land. The musician was born In Middlesex England and was named Reginald Dwight. His is a story of a passion in music inculcated even before he knew how to talk properly. It is said that the musician started playing the piano at only three years of age and only four years later would he begin taking formal piano classes.

His talent and hard work won him a scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Music by the time he reached 11 years of age. Together with his friends, they formed the band Bluesology whereupon he took up the name Elton John. Read more »

Where to Buy Exercise Equipment

Exercise EquipmentExercise is very important to the health of an individual. It ensures that the rate of metabolism is kept just at the right level. It also helps in making the body of the individual physically fit. While running, jogging and other exercises that are done without equipment are healthy, they are not enough to provide the body with adequate physical fitness.

A good exercise should be able to keep the body fit, strong and healthy. A gym is often the place to work out. For it to be useful, it has to be fitted with a number of exercise equipment to facilitate the exercise. Before buying the various exercise equipment, one must consider a number of factors, like where you plan to buy it from. Read more »

Top 3 Weight Loss Supplements of 2014

Weight loss is a topic that is taken more and more seriously across the globe. It is not a thing of the celebrities and vain persons anymore, it is for everyone. This is because people have realized a myriad of health benefits associated with weight loss including reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and improved immunity. This has called for use of different and safe weight loss programs. One of the safest and effective is use of naturally occurring supplements.

Weight Loss Supplements


Also called the hydroxycitric acid or hydroxycitrate, this supplement is made from the dried rind of a fruit called the Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Cambogia fruit is grown in Asia and has been used for centuries as treatment for stomach problems and to make food sore. More recently, it has been used as a supplement for weight loss. This is because it increases metabolism, decreases fat absorption, decreases stress hormones and increases feel good hormone serotonin. Read more »

All About Plastic Surgeon’s Salary

Surgeons are among the highest paid individuals. However, to be successful in this career field, one has to sacrifice lots of time as well as money. Due to the high demand for plastic surgery, the field is becoming lucrative with each passing day. But for one to finally make it there, a strong educational background as well as determination is required.

All doctors begin their career with a four year undergraduate degree, followed by another four more years of osteopathic or medical college. After graduation, those willing to be plastic surgeons have to spend another six years in surgical residency. It can be subdivided into three years of residency in general surgery first, to be followed by another three separate years in plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery

Alternatively, there is a program that combines both the two. During the period for residency, students do not pay for tuition and are instead paid for the time they spend there. Those who perform successful surgeries as witnessed in Kourtney Kardashian, have an upper hand in the profession. Read more »