Classifying the Best Celebrity Tattoos by Becca

Tattoos. It seems like every celebrity has one. Or, in the case of younger celebrities, if they do not have one now, they are soon to get one. With so many celebrities sporting ink, how is it possible to say which one is the best?

Of course, classifying the best celebrity tattoos depends on a variety of factors, some of which are informed by personal preference. For this classification, the best tattoos are the ones that have a beautiful aesthetic, are visible, and have some kind of significant meaning. The top three best celebrity tattoos, then, are by Sarah Hyland, Demi Lovato, and Prince Jackson. A Giant List of 300 Tattoos is here:

While it may seem odd that all three of these celebrities are relatively young, it is not that surprising. The younger generation seems to have declared an intent towards expressing themselves in a variety of ways, from hair color to tattoos. These tattoos all share the fact that they are on young celebrities, but they also share a professional aesthetic.

One of the Best Celebrity Tattoos

Sarah Hyland’s tattoo is that of a hummingbird. The hummingbird itself is no larger than a half-dollar and is located behind Hyland’s ear.

Sarah Hyland tattoos

The tattooed hummingbird has been caught mid-flight and almost appears as though it is whispering something into her ear. This visage, along with Hyland’s self-described significance of playfulness and endurance, makes the hummingbird tattoo an overall image of perseverance.

Demi Lovato Tattoo

Demi Lovato, like Sarah Hyland, is no stranger to tattoos. The Lovato tattoo that stands out more than the others is “Stay Strong”.

Demi Lovato Tattoos

This was tattooed on two wrists, with “Stay” on the left wrist and “Strong” on the right wrist. These words are even more significant because of the location. The words of this tattoo cover up Lovato’s self-harm scars, serving as a great challenge to her and others who struggle with similar issues to stay strong in the face of anything. How inspirational!

Prince Jackson’s Tattoo

The final tattoo in consideration is a memorial tattoo. While memorial tattoos usually tug at the proverbial heartstring, this particular tattoo stands above the rest! Prince Jackson’s tattoo of his father, Michael Jackson, is truly a work of art. This tattoo, located on Jackson’s lower right calf, envisions his father as an almost angelic figure.

Prince Jackson Tattoos

The contrast between the angelic image of Michael Jackson and the red and black colors used create an aesthetic that is visually striking and extremely pleasing. The sparkling imagery at the base of the tattoo further elevates it into one that is visually attractive but also undoubtedly heartfelt.

It is obvious that Prince Jackson believed his father held a sort of magic, a sentiment that is no doubt held by many Jackson fans throughout the world. The relatability of this tattoo is also something that earmarks it as being a step above the rest.

Factors That Make a Tattoo Best

For a tattoo to be considered the best, it must possess an almost intangible quality. The best celebrity tattoos are ones that are beautiful but also inspire great conversation. For that reason, Prince Jackson’s tattoo is the best of the best, followed closely by Lovato and Hyland.

Of course, with how often celebrities tattoo themselves, there is no doubt that there will soon be an even more striking tattoo. One can only imagine the conversation that would inspire.

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