Car Service Schedule

I always keep a track of my car maintenance as it keeps me well-aware of the things I have replaced, repaired or installed in the car.

By keeping a diary and noting all the jobs done with your car, can also give you an idea of root cause of any problem.Once I was having issue with car suspension and my tyres kept getting worn out very quickly.

After replacing the tired twice and doing the suspension work three times, then, by looking at my previous job history in my car, I got it that the problem was not with either of these but it was a minor wheel alignment issue. The car alignment cost was merely $100, but in the end I got to know the root cause and got it sorted out. Continue reading to know how to get the ‘best alignment deal” in your location.

I will be discussing my entire schedule in the following sentences to help people out in keeping their car running perfectly.

Car Service Schedule


The most frequent visit of mine to the workshop is for the oil change. Normally, people change engine oil after crossing three thousand kilometer mark due to the dusty environment, but, because if using synthetic oil, I change it after driving the car for six thousand kilometers.

It is considered good to change the engine oil after every three months in case of not driving the car much. The average oil change cost is $100 worldwide.

During the time, which I spend while getting the oil changed, in workshop, I make it sure to get my gear oil level, power steering oil level, radiator coolant level and battery water level checked form the same place.

My next visit to the workshop comes at each ten thousands kilometer completion. My car gets its engine tuned for the maximised performance and fuel efficiency as after driving the car for 10,000 kilometers the tappets gets loose and spark plugs also needs to be adjusted or replaced according to their condition. It also helps me to know if my car needs any mechanical work required.

I visit the service centre after twenty thousand kilometres and fifty thousand kilometers too, but that gets covered in my every 10,000 kilometres completion check-up visit. In these visits, the car gets further checked for timing belt and engine mountings replacements.

The above said things are the part of my car service schedule, and it keeps me satisfied for relying on my car in any situation. Everyone can drive their car for ages by simply following the above said schedule.

Everybody want to drive it as long as possible without visiting the workshop, but one have to be there on these specific intervals to keep their car in trouble-free.

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