How Much Is Elton John Worth?

Elton John, no doubt, is one of the most successful artistes of all time. The British musician is highly popular in many continents and not just in his native land. The musician was born In Middlesex England and was named Reginald Dwight. His is a story of a passion in music inculcated even before he knew how to talk properly. It is said that the musician started playing the piano at only three years of age and only four years later would he begin taking formal piano classes.

His talent and hard work won him a scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Music by the time he reached 11 years of age. Together with his friends, they formed the band Bluesology whereupon he took up the name Elton John. Roughly around the same time, he began to work closely with celebrated songwriter, Bernie Taupin. His first two albums, Empty Sky and Elton John were released in 1969 and 1970 respectively. Between1972 and 1975, he would release 7 albums which were chart toppers.

Throughout the 1980’s Elton John’s musical fame continued to grow because he continued to release amazing hits. 1992 was a successfully epic year in the career of the musician. He and Taupin signed a 12-year deal with Warner Bros which was one million dollars shy of the $40 million mark. This, by far is the largest cash advance deal in the history of the music industry.

Sir Elton John net worth 2015

He composed the music for Disney’s movie, The Lion King, and consequently, earned a Grammy Award for Best Song for it. it sold in excess of 15 million copies. When Princess Diana died, he re-released 1973’s Candle In The Wind, earning him a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Recording. It also made it to the top list of the world’s bestselling singles.

For sure, Elton John’s literary career has been a great success and today he boasts of a net worth of about $450 million. This is said to be mostly from the sale of his chart topping albums. On the side though, he does a lot of other things; records production, song writing, composer, pianist, film producer, actor, voice actor and voice actor.

Elton John has also made headlines around the world for the fact that he came out in the open and declared that he was actually a homosexual. He was once marred to RenataBlauel, a German recording engineer. They, however, divorced in 1988 and today, he is in a relationship with David Furnish, a filmmaker.

Elton John with David Furnish

Elton John with David Furnish

The two of them got together in a civil partnership in 2005. He has been very vocal in advocating for the rights of LGBT throughout the world.

Elton John’s voice and music are stored in many families’ albums in many different continents. While it is clear that he gained many successes thanks to his many talents, one fact that cannot be ignored is that he actually worked pretty hard from a young age to rise to the pedestal that he is on today.Save

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