Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After

For someone born in the 1930’s, Jane Fonda has remained pretty active, extremely fit and beautiful. While she has always been a beautiful lady, her looks at over 70 years of age point to a slew of Jane Fonda plastic surgery procedures.

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery

Jane Fonda’s first success was her role in There Was a Little Girl in 1960. Her fame rose steadily in the 60’s, appearing in films such as Cat Ballou, Barefoot in the Park and Period of Adjustment. Throughout her prolific acting career, she has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, winning two of them. Her life as a political activist has not been controversy-free either.

Her visit to Vietnam led her to being loathed for taking a photo that seemed to imply that she was waiting to shoot down American warplanes. She has also demonstrated against occupation of the West Bank by Israel during a visit to the Middle East.

Jane Fonda has not denied the plastic surgery rumors. On the contrary, she is on record as having admitted to them in a number of interviews. She has proudly asserted that thanks to plastic surgery, she was able to extend her relevance in Hollywood by a couple more years. She further claimed that the changes she has had on her looks through plastic surgery are meant to complement the youthfulness she still has inside.

Jane Fonda Breast implants

Fonda has seemingly had breast implants inserted over the years to give her the youthful allure of full, round breasts. As with her facelift procedures, there is every indication that she began having the implants inserted even from her earlier years.

Jane Fonda Face Lifts

The series of Jane Fonda face lifts began when the celebrity was in her early forties. True to the efforts, she does spot a face that is a lot younger than that of your average 70-something year old.

Jane Fonda facelift

It is claimed that as recently as in 2010, she did have another facelift again.

Jane Fonda Neck Lift

Usually, when one crosses the 40-years mark, the skin around the neck becomes wrinkled and sags. Not so for Jane Fonda. Much as her neck lift was not done extremely to give her a tight neck that seems unnatural, there is every indication that she got a neck lift to scale back her signs of aging by a couple of years.

Jane Fonda Neck Lift

Jane Fonda Chin Implants

Jane Fonda admits that the Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery procedures even included chin implants recently. She does have a chin that seems too cute for her age; though in a subtle, not-so-obvious way.

The range of self-admitted Jane Fonda plastic surgery procedures have indeed resulted into an agreeable beauty in her late 70’s. The fitness guru is quick to add that while she lauds the beauty procedures that have helped her maintain much of her glory even at her advanced age, exercise has also made the journey possible.

Jane Fonda Chin Implants

It would be amazing to learn that indeed, Jane Fonda can still do substantial cycling and even get in and out of her car without much help. Jane has also maintained that she respects the principle of moderation which has helped her achieve good, modest result with the plastic surgery procedures she has opted for. As a matter of fact, the actress has claimed that she urged the doctors to maintain some of her wrinkles during one of her facelift procedures.

Remarkably, she does not look like one of those horrible results of overdoing things in a bid to maintain beauty. Perhaps, the yoga routine that she engages in has also helped her achieve a lot of inner peace which has a lot of impacts on physical beauty. In all fairness, it has to be admitted that Jane Fonda is stiff competition to many 50 year old!

Personal Details:

Full Name: Jayne Seymour Fonda
Nationality: American
Occupation: Writer, actress, former fashion model, fitness guru and political activist
Net Worth: $120 million
Marital status: Dating

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