Top Tips To Make Him Want A Relationship

Ever had that guy in your life? The one you can barely sleep without thinking of? The one who despite all this seems like he is not aware of your undying affection? The one man who seems to seems to see the love in your eyes but does not just want to commit? Relax girl.

It need not appear so difficult. The object of your affection may need just a bit of coaxing to create a meaningful relationship with you.

Believe it or not, you may actually make him want a relationship. This is how –

1. Make yourself someone easy to love

Make Him Want You

You may be wondering why he takes so long to ask you to be “more than a friend” yet the problem really lies with you. There are some mannerisms which are not exactly alluring to a man. Seeming demanding and clingy will definitely drive him away. Being independent and emotionally stable will draw a man to you. In short, make yourself a woman whom the man could wish to spend some time with.

2. Support him in his career interests

Many men will want a relationship in which they feel they are important to their spouses. When you have a male friend you particularly like, you need to encourage him to go ahead and be the best that he can possibly be.

Whether he has a talent in sports or is a bookworm, your words and actions need to show that you support his upward advancement.

3. Do not disregard your principles even if you like him

Chances are very many that the man will have realized your liking for him. He may try to make you have a sexual relationship with you using this as a weakness. The fact that you like him should not mean that you hearken to his every demand.

Show him how principled you are; even with the affection you have for him. He will want a relationship with a respectable girl.

4. Do not push him

Turn Offs For Men

If you feel affection for him, the best you can do is to show him this in subtle ways. It is not wise at all to throw yourself all on him trying to have him court you; you will appear desperate. Instead, cultivate a relationship of friendship with him and as this goes steady, he will soon develop feelings for you.

5. Do him those little feminine favours

This does not mean you sleep with him. Hell no! it simply means baking him a cake once in a while for his birthday. You are not yet his life so you are not obligated to do his laundry.

However, when you chance in on him in the process of ironing for example, you could offer to help. It is wise to offer to help than take over the entire role for him.  Help him iron the shirt he meant to wear, don’t do all the crumpled clothes in the wardrobe.

6. Ask him to accompany you on dates and parties as a partner

If he is not committed to someone else, he will most likely accept. This is perfect for you to create the bond that will make him want a relationship.

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