35 Ways to Make Him Want You More

If you are one of those that tend to think only a love portion can make him want you more, then you are definitely in for a surprise. Read this article to know why, you won’t regret it.

Make Him Want You More

35 ways to make him want you more than ever


We all know that we can’t make someone to love us forcefully. But what if you can do something to change this, possible? Of course it is. You can do lot of things to get his attention and finally make him want you forever!

The idea is not to play the game directly, you should know the keys to win his heart. Once again I am repeating, to make him love you like the way want, you must find out the “Winning Keys” which can make any men run after you 🙂

Below are the 35 ways to get him to want you again:


1. Give him enough space and freedom

2. Make him feel good about himself whenever he’s with you

3. Become both a friend and a lover to him

4. Cook him delicious meals, its the way to his heart

5. Never stop dressing up for him

6. Do not nag

7. Be a source of encouragement for him

8. Compliment him whenever possible

9. Stay adventurous in the bedroom. If needed, learn different ways to turn a guy on whenever you want 🙂

10. Show him that you have trust in him

11. Stay faithful to the relationship

12. Always offer him a shoulder to lean on whenever he’s frustrated

13. Use your body language to attract him and keep him glued to you

14. Avoid being overly emotional, do not worry too much or worse yet wear your emotions on your sleeves

15. Get a signature scent that he can always associate you with even when he’s not with you

16. Keep yourself you both mentally and physically, no one wants to hang out with an old lady

17. Make sure you look after yourself especially beauty wise, he still wants the queen he felt attracted to in the first place

18. Be intelligent, the only thing worse than playing dumb is actually being dumb. Men like intelligent women

19. Do not be too clingy or needy, the only way to make your husband love you is by giving him space, he’ll always come back to you.

20. You need to be independent while still showing him that you need him, all men want to feel needed by a woman.

21. Show your love to him by simple acts such as getting him tickets to his favorite games and giving him a gentle massage when he comes home from a hard day at work.

22. Keep your values and stand firm for your belief, men are suckers for women with integrity

23. Keep fit and healthy by exercising and eating right, this communicates to him that you want to maintain your shapely figure for him.

24. Listen to him whenever he has an issue and try to understand him before making judgment. Sure, men and women might be from different planets, but if you listen close enough, you’ll be able to understand what he’s saying.

25. Always flash him a smile regularly. This tells him that you are happy and satisfied, and when you are happy, he is happy.

26. Let him fix some of your things, men love to feel useful. This way, when he fixes your sink, he feels as wanted and useful around you. He’ll definitely be back to get the feeling again.

27. Instead of shouting at him or scorning, it is always best to talk and discuss. Try as much as possible to control your tempers since men do not like to be demeaned. You must know the common reasons why relationships fail and how to make a relationship last. Mind you, temper is one of them.

28. Keep a positive mind; this will give him a sense of assurance that all will be okay when he is around you

29. You also want to keep a relaxed attitude to make him want you, he will always yearn for your calmness and relaxed mood when he is troubled.

30. You want to try and get along with his close friends since he also considers them as family. By doing so, his friends will always remind him of you.

31. You need to respect his family to make him love you more. Even if they are unbearable, disrespecting them is not an option. Establish close ties with them if possible. In case you hate his any family member or friends, learn how to cop with them.

32. Tease and flirt around with him, this will keep him thinking about you all day.

33. Always be open to new things because he is adventurous. After all, how will you know whether it is good or bad if you never try in the first place.

34. Make yourself a part of his fond memories. In this case, you want to show up for his birthdays and important life events.

35. Communicate effectively with him and make him feel as though you have a connection

So at the end of it all, to make want you is not as impossible as they make it sound. With the above information, you can now make him think about you every moment he is away.

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