The Staggering Plastic Surgery Statistics

botched plastic surgery

Plastic surgery helps people feel more comfortable in their skins and even change the way their bodies work. The plastic surgery industry involves huge amounts of money since they are quite expensive.

However, this has not dampened the spirits of those who choose to go for them. As can be seen from the data of last year, 2016, many people indeed are choosing to go for these surgeries.

In the United States of America, more than 15 million people underwent plastic surgery for different reasons. Of these statistics, there is a clear indication that there were some procedures more preferred than others. In the same year, the most sought after plastic surgery was breast augmentation. This is a procedure normally done to enhance the shape as well as size of the woman’s breasts.

When age beckons or the effects of motherhood set in, the result is that the breasts will lose their visual appeal. Sometimes, people choose boob jobs even when young because they are not comfortable with their bra sizes.

Kellie Pickler plastic surgery before after

Kellie Pickler is a celebrity who went ahead and had her breasts worked on and indeed, she does look amazing. The second most sought after surgery according to statistics of 2016 is nose reshaping. However, there was a decrease in the number of people choosing to go for rhinoplasty.

Megan fox plastic surgery before after

Rhinoplasty is sought by many people to make the nose slimmer and give it a refined shape. Megan Fox, the sexy Hollywood actress looks much more amazing after some work was done on her nose. Many people going for rhinoplasty will usually mention to the surgeon the kind of celebrity nose they would like to have. People of African American descent especially; choose rhinoplasty to make their noses slimmer than they are and sharper.

There were about 220,000 eyelid surgery procedures done in 2016 and this makes it the third most sought after procedure. This was a 6% increase in the statistics of 2015. Plastic surgery is on the upward trend even after lots of botched plastic surgeries took place so far.

Bad plastic surgery

Liposuctions are also a great choice for many people and it is the fourth most sought after plastic surgery procedure as of 2016. Nevertheless, these statistics show that the numbers of those going for this procedure decreased by 1% from the statistics of 2015. Face lifts are given as the fifth most popular surgery in the USA. With 135,000 facelifts done last year, it will be interesting to see how the procedure will fair this year.

The statistics for plastic surgery clearly show that this is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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