How to Style Medium Short Hair

In the recent past, medium length and short hair have become very popular thanks to celebrities and stylists like Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Hudson and Anne Heatherway among others. This coupled with the benefits that are attached to short hair have brought about a hair revolution. Medium short hair is suitable for cute and easy little girls hairstyles as well as hairstyles for mature women.

Before opting to chop off your log tresses for the medium short hair, it is important to consider several factors:

Whether the style you have in mind will suit you: of course if you are thinking about it you have gone through several magazines or websites and admired the medium short hair length. However, before you cut the hair, ask the opinion of your hair dresser regarding the style.

You can also do a little research to know whether the desired style will go with your hair type as different hair types will look good with different styles. What will look good with thick hair might be a complete different medium hairstyle for define hair. It is also good to know the hairstyles that will suit the shape of the face and how to maintain it day by day.

The management of the hair: most medium short hairstyles are easy to manage as they do not require any special treatment. However there are designs that will require more attention than others. A Mohawk for example might require you to go to the hairdresser’s more often than the shag. It is important to know the best products to use of your hair in order to keep it healthy.

Attention will be drawn to the face: whether you chose it for style or for comfort, short hair will draw attention to your face. This said, it is important to know that you will have to put in a little more effort while in short hair; you have to invest in some light make up to complete the look.

With these factors in mind, you can go ahead to chop off that hair to medium short length. Some of the fashionable medium hairstyles of today include the below haircuts. Make sure you note the following styles too –

The pixie – this is a short hair style with the hair cut pretty close to the head. However, it has variations that are longer in length with the minimum being 2 inches long. Shorter than this and it becomes a boy cut.

modern pixie hairstyle

The shag – this is where the medium short hair is cut in layers. It can be worn tousled, curly, straight and sleek, with a side part or asymmetrical. The options are limitless and it can suit every shape of face.

Shag Hairstyles

The bob – this is a versatile look that can be worn in a million different ways including asymmetrical, long, short, inverted and spiky among other styles.

bob haircut

Today, the options are numerous; all you need to achieve that unique look is a good hair dresser who knows how to cut hair, and the confidence to wear the medium short hairstyle.

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